Experts in Hair Loss Treatments & FUE Hair Transplants

Hair restoration surgery has become a very popular treatment in recent years, because of much improved techniques which provide better outcomes and also because of increased awareness about the safety and relative simplicity of the surgery.

There are a lot of options available to you for your hair restoration surgery. A Hair transplant procedure is a very surgeon dependent surgery and it is vital that you pick the right surgeon. Our experienced team of surgeons and hair technicians are here to help you achieve the best result possible.

As an experienced team what we have understood over these past 10 years is the fact that FUE and FUT hair restoration surgery has become more commonplace, and yield rates on average are 80% better than ten years ago.  Our team of surgeons and technicians are able to harvest the maximum amount of grafts from a hair transplant, hence providing exceptional value of for money for our clients.

We place an emphasis also on creating age specific and face specific hairlines and density the satisfaction index among our clients has increased significantly and despite clients having very high expectations, we have been consistently been able to better our clients expectations.

Hair Loss Clinic

We appreciate the fact that clients not only want a decent hair count on from their hair transplant and a decent head of hair, they also appreciate the fact that the hair looks and feels natural with natural angles and with no obvious evidence of any work being undertaken.

The objective of this website is to provide sufficient and accurate information to help you decide on the best possible option for your hair loss and take a balanced view. There are lots of options for hair loss available to you, from hair transplants to Micro Scalp Pigmenatation. We have many years of experience and are here to help you. Feel Free to Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

For clients considering hair transplants, we practice at our dedicated hair transplant clinic on Harley street.